Picture of the Day: I Saw a Movie Once…

The image below speaks for itself.

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  1. I’m watching again simply to keep the memory alive, because yes, it can happen here in great ole USSA. I just hope I’m not the only one who will hold on to ‘them’ when they come.

  2. I think we have to acknowledge that we’re not the only ones who are waking up, recalibrating the metrics by which we apprehend the world and drawing different conclusions about who’s who, what’s what, and how much it’s going to hurt. Politicians and high-profile bankers and media propagandists are too.

    After decades of ambitious service to the faceless avarice of the Senior Capital Pools behind the Super-Entities, they are realizing the truth of Gerald Celente’s characterization of a society in free-fall: “When you’ve lost everything and have nothing to lose, you lose it!” IOW, everybody bleeds when the social contract is shattered.

    What the high-profile minions are realizing is that they are the human face of the evil upon the Earth, whether it was their idea or they really made any of the real, plutocratic money or they were just following orders from people they don’t dare name. To the 99%, they’re it!

    They’re awaking to their real role as Human Shields, and so, they’re doing whatever they need to to get the guns.

    Super Entities Study: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1107.5728.pdf

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