The Police are Now Protesting in China

When the police feel cheated by the system, the system is in serious trouble (I mentioned how police started protesting in Greece in my article The Global Spring).  It doesn’t matter what country in the Western world you live in, corrupt financial oligarchs and others have hijacked all these economies and are stealing everything.  It really is that simple and it must be dealt with.  Here’s an interesting short video about frustrated policemen in China.

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  1. The beginning of the end? The odd thing is that it is the brutality of the Police that is keeping corrupt and morally bankrupt governments in power all over the world, especially Europe at the moment! But if they now start to question why they are doing what they are doing, or if they stop getting paid, what comes next? Normally without order comes chaos, and from chaos, well extreme viewpoints normally benefit, and that is not a world I look forward to!

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