We Are Legion: The Story of Anonymous

I watched this movie last night at the precipice of the end of the world and it blew my mind on so many levels.  I had no idea about the history of this movement or even any of the central players involved.  It’s sad what many of them have been put through just to send a message, but the good news is that it proves the establishment is scared.  It’s really an incredible documentary.  I waited until this evening to post so that it would go up when people might have the time to sit and watch.  I highly suggest you do.  If for the lulz if nothing else.  I’m glad these guys are on our side.  Enjoy.




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  1. A must watch, awesome post Mike. The anti-G.G. 🙂

  2. Excellent post. I imagine soon we’ll be seeing convergence and cooperation between the Anons, Libertarians, Occupiers, lulz, and Preppers as the unraveling continues and what is to replace it takes shape.

  3. HIghly educational as is everything that I read or watch on here. Thanks much.

  4. Awesome, doc. Thanks for the link!

  5. Mike – thank you for posting this. The greatest takeaway for me is the power that each individual now has and how frightened they are of us. To all others that have woken up: Stop fearing the Wizard of Oz. They are frightened little men who know their time is up. Prepare your yourself and know that a better future awaits.

    • Individuals who have the power to make a difference – like Julian Assange – still have plenty of reasons to “fear the Wizard of Oz”.

  6. Thanks so much for posting this, Mike. I, too, had no idea about the history of this group and I learned so much.

    What I have come to realize is that there are so many people, whether in a group or alone, who are waking up and taking action, each in their own way. The storm swell is rising and the elites are not going to be able to stop it.

    Be not afraid! Righteousness is on own side.

  7. It was refreshing to see that We have some power. My only concern is that there is no overall moral compass to this group. They can easily be infiltrated and derailed into something super ugly on a dime.

    • “They can easily be infiltrated and derailed into something super ugly on a dime”

      Please elaborate. Which methods of infiltration and derailment are the easiest.

      And which “they”? Anonymous? Lulzsec?

  8. @Bob Post

    Ask the C-I-A who has historically infiltrated anything and everything.

    The people in this film are very diverse and their actions range from admirable to despicable. Anonymous is currently on our side, but it doesn’t take much to sway a group in the wrong direction if their feet are not fully planted in a strong moral code. Despite their claim that there is no leader, the fact that they all swarm in the same direction tells me there is some type of leadership. My hope and prayer is that they will go consistently in the right direction. We all need spiritual guidance, especially this group, because they have an amazing potential to be a force for good.

  9. It seems to me that Anonymous currently can go in any direction, including anarchy. I am fervently praying that they move in the direction as a force for good. We should all be praying for them. They give me hope.

  10. which you a Happy New Year 2013

  11. Great Video history! As an anarchist I have admired Anonymous, though I don’t always agree with their targets.

    Perhaps we need a Second, Second Amendment – the Right to bear virtual arms against all virtual foes, foreign and domestic.

  12. excellent vid love the info never knew half the stuff there, its opened my eyes. I get the sense things are coming to a head you only have to look at the rhetoric of world leaders and the body language they are SCARED !!!!!!!

  13. Why does it say “This video does not exist” and then refuses to start showing it?

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