Tam’s Burgers: Just Another Small Business Killed by Bureaucracy

As I noted yesterday in my article, FCC Rule Change Would Favor Big Media, the trend here in America is to push small and medium sized businesses into bankruptcy one way or the other to allow further monopoly control of all aspect of life to the mega corporations.  This is intentional, and your “representatives” in D.C. are fully on board as they are entirely in the pockets of said companies.  Meanwhile HSBC is caught laundering money for drug cartels and major banks of rigging LIBOR and they get a slap on the wrist.  Full spectrum corruption.

Watch this 5 minute video to see the sad story of how the “authorities” in a Los Angeles community treated a small business owner and forced him to close shop.



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  1. The city of Los Angeles is apparently run by insane and/or quite stupid people. If running a successful business in a bad part of town means being a “haven” for criminals, then the only way to avoid that is to run an UNsuccessful business, to go out of business.

    Congratulations morons of city government. Maybe the day after this restaurant closes they can all hold a press conference decrying what they’ll say is the refusal of businesses to locate in and serve bad parts of the city.

  2. I’m sure if it were a Burger King or Mcdonalds there the city would have done nothing.

  3. After over 30 years in small business, the government now has us tied up in so much paper work, that leads to so much in taxes and fees, at all levels, federal, state and local. The time, effert and money that is demanded of small business, make it truly is nearly impossibly to survive in today’s world. The government WAS for the people, by the people…..now it’s….government for the government by the government……..very sad.

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