Piers Morgan Does it Again! The Guy Can’t Help but Embarrass Himself

Good ol’ Piers Morgan never disappoints!  The British “journalist,” who was run out of the UK for publishing false news stories is at it again; embarrassing not only himself but also his profession, as well as further damaging whatever credibility still existed at mainstream media propaganda outlet CNN.

All year, Piers has been on a crusade against the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Personally, if I was living in a foreign country I’d be a bit more sensitive to their unique culture and history, but not Piers!  Amazing, considering he was already chased out of his home country years ago.  Lucky us!

The most popular thing I ever posted on my website was a video in which Jesse Ventura made him turn red in the face in front of a live studio audience (that post received 122 comments), so I couldn’t resist posting this one…

If you are pressed for time, skip to minute 6.  This is where Piers starts losing it and resorts to name calling.  You know someone has no argument when all they can do is shout names.


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  1. LMAO! Thank you for sharing.l

  2. Will this poor fool ever learn – nobody cares about him or what he thinks – – when are we going to throw him out of our country – – past due if you ask me – – – :((((((((

  3. For goodness sake, please don’t send him back to Blighty! We thought we’d got rid of that arrogant bastard… can’t you guys send him to gitmo or something?

  4. That’s what you call a dopey Englishman. Just lay down and die ,right Piers. Go back to England ,DICK.

  5. The ratings at CNN are clearly represented by keeping this blithering idiot on the air.

  6. I think Piers believes what he’s saying is right, and I think it is safe to believe that many people who protest against guns believe disarming people is right. It doesn’t make them sinister people, and we, as Libertarians, must recognize that and empathize with them. For someone who is terrified of guns, seeing a national glut of gun sales, armed Kindergarten teachers, and gun lobbyists push an agenda to militarize the country is likely a Hellish nightmare. Somehow, we need to look for an agenda that soothes this fear and frames the argument for gun freedoms in terms of their own concerns. We can’t be against them, because who wouldn’t feel intimidated and threatened by a bunch of armed angry people?

    Just my $0.02.

  7. A lock requiring a code could have stopped all of this. What’s that cost $30. Piers career is only going downhill. He will be doing infomercials by 2014

  8. Piers is a dolt!

  9. Fool or knave?

    The sheer arrogance, to go to another country and lobby against its constitution!

    TPTB need some better sophists up there arguing their case, because his performance was pathetic.

  10. Why on earth do you allow this odious creep to stay in your country.

  11. The Second Amendment is not about the right to bear arms. Rather, it uses the right to bear arms to justify the formation of militias regulated by the government.

    • False. No where does it mention the regulation of militias by government and if they were regulated by the government, they would be the army; not militias.

  12. Also, gun control is not the same as a gun ban.

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