This Really Happened: Harry Belafonte Says Obama Should “Act Like a Third World Dictator” and Jail His Critics

Laughter fills the background.  I don’t think Belafonte was kidding either…



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  1. Fuck him and that communist in the white house.

  2. He looks and sounds old enough to die soon (of natural causes of course). That would be best.

  3. Mike, this would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so frightening. Warren, his death would not cause me to shed a single tear. Notice how Belafonte doesn’t even understand the distinction between the ‘wishes of the people’ and ‘mandate.’

  4. Speaking of “dictators”, everyone should watch this! The compare and contrast of Gaddafi riding through Tripoli in an open car, waving at all the people and the people waving back with Obama’s entourage of police vehicles, SWAT teams and armored limousines is striking.

    And Mike, I would love to hear your comments on Gaddafi’s idea to mint money out of gold and base the value on the market price of gold (a la Max Keiser’s silver coin!).

  5. Bizarre and twisted. I’ll never think of Belafonte the same.

    The ‘maturity’ of the American people?!?! A mandate from Obama voters, who can’t constitute more than 25% of the populace? Is that like the mandate Baby Bush had from 2000-2008?

  6. We recorded Belafonte in 2010 at a large union rally screaming about the TEA party and how they were destroying the Constitution.

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