The Kid Who Tweets Every Drone Strike

I have been reading about this kid Josh Begley for the past several days, but hadn’t looked more into it until now.  This article is really interesting in that it reveals that the U.S. Military (or CIA, who really knows anymore) is employing terrorist tactics in its drone strikes overseas.  From Business Insider:

NYU student Josh Begley is tweeting every reported U.S. drone strike since 2002, and the feed highlights a disturbing tactic employed by the U.S. that is widely considered a war crime.

Known as the “double tap,” the tactic involves bombing a target multiple times in relatively quick succession, meaning that the second strike often hits first responders.

 A 2007 report by the Homeland Security Institute called double taps a “favorite tactic of Hamas” and the FBI considers it a tactic employed by terrorists.

The U.S. refuses to discuss the merits of its overtly covert drone program, but the reports featured on @dronestream clearly document that U.S. hellfire missiles have intentionally targeted funerals and civilian rescuers.

In September the NYU and Stanford law schools released a report detailing how double taps by U.S. drones affect the Pakistani population, and noted that “high-level” militants killed only accounted for 2 percent of U.S. drone strike casualties.

Don’t care about what happens overseas?  Well, as I noted in my article from last week, the drones are already here and the FAA plans to allow 30,000 of them in U.S. skies by 2015.  Sleep tight serfs.

Full article here.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    your Blog is great!
    You should also “link” to the Twitter-account of that “kid”.

  2. Yeah, Good stuff! Thank you…

  3. Glad you call us “serfs”, since the top 1% seems bent on bringing back feudalism, with the lords and ladies of wealth trickling down a pittance to the serfdom below them.

  4. Well, if we were willing to drop A Bombs on Japan for no military reason whatsoever, just to show the Russians that the Cold War was on, I guess we will keep on committing one war crime after another until we run out of funds to do so.

  5. Enter your comment here…
    the best thing we can do now is speak to every military vet and active duty soldier that will listen to not attack U.S. citizens.If this happens, there will be no family to come home to.Also,one cannot trust any member who claims to be working for you are I that wears a government I.D.Remember the IRS.Perfect example and the present president is another perfect example.What a joke except I am not laughing!

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