Interview with Dr. Dave Janda – December 2012: Why the Economy May Come to a Grinding Halt in January

Yesterday, I recorded another interview with Dr. Dave Janda.  In it we discuss the important difference between a Constitutional Republic and a pure Democracy, the Pentagon’s “revolving door” policy and why the U.S. economy may come to a standstill come January 2013.  Enjoy!

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  1. None of us are perfect, we make mistakes, we sin, and so on. But these people keep doing their dirt openly and don’t seem to even want to change. It’s like that Madeleine Albright and her infamous statement that it was “worth it” when asked about the 500K deaths of children in iraq.

    It’s machiavellian. I would like these people to tell me how many children can die before they stop bombing and other things they do? (and really not just for children…it is wrong to kill people PERIOD). One child dead is one child too many…yet these psychopaths are ok with what they call “collateral damage” (an insult to humanity).

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