Battle with the TSA in Albany – Awesome New Viral Video!

This video encapsulates some of the key battles we face today as a nation. In it we see the very best and the very worst of America. The “airport authority” thug who is clearly on some petty power trip, in contrast with the upstanding, aware police officer who is actually doing his duty in protecting the public and their constitutional rights. This video has already gone viral, but let’s spread it even further. I salute Ashley, Jason and this heroic police officer.



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  1. That dude with the airport authority is the epitome of a “tool”

  2. Deputy Lenic: What a hero.

  3. F*** that airport official. What a frigging Mussolini of minutiae! You’ll have to show me a million dollar insurance policy to hand out leaflets in the airport. F*** him.

    Kudos to Jason and Ashley. The scum who push the TSA crap on everyone count on it being easy . . for them!

  4. What a geezer that old guy was. Ridiculous. They should of arrested him for ruining the tranquility of the airport.

  5. “Opt out” is going to become the new survival technique as the federal government becomes more and more tyrannical.
    Good for Jason, Ashley and Deputy Lenic.
    Opt out of tyranny! Stay free. I believe it has become our patriotic duty, but we all must do this together!

  6. If enough law enforcement officers are turned into heros for doing the right thing we could see a sea change in the general mindset. Police would aspire to be good guys rather than the tyrants popular media portrays hero cops to be. A flood of “good cop” videos all over the web over a sustained period of time could do the trick.

  7. Just spent two weeks in a South American country that included four internal flights. Never had to remove my shoes or be physically searched to get on a plane. Returned to the US and opted out (as always), and went through a patdown that should be illegal for all but suspected criminals. To their credit, I have always found the TSA employees who have patted me down to be professional (I know others have had different experiences), but the problem is the system. Thanks to Jason and Ashley for their work on this campaign, but special thanks to Deputy Lenic and others like him (there are some) who recognize that their job is to protect the people AND THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, not to enforce some corporate code of conduct.

  8. where can I get a copy of the opt out rights please?

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