The “Electronic Concentration Camp” – Girl Expelled from School for Refusing RFID Chip

A total surveillance state is being implemented right in front of us, and amazingly, pretty much no one seems to care.

From WND:

A student in a Texas school district has been told she is to be expelled for refusing to wear a student ID badge that essentially places her in an “electronic concentration camp.”

WND previously reported on the case of Andrea Hernandez, a student at John Jay High School in the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. This year, the school implemented a new program requiring students to wear badges containing an RFID chip, which would be used to track them anywhere they went, including the restrooms. Hernandez refused to wear the chip, citing privacy and religious issues.

Despite the schools having 290 surveillance cameras, officials apparently believe that is not enough to keep track of students attending the schools.

The primary intent of the tracking cards is not to increase student safety but to increase state funding to the district.

WOAI-TV in San Antonio reported district spokesman Pasqual Gonzalez said the two schools have a high rate of truancy, and the district could gain $2 million in state funding by improving attendance.

After her refusal to wear the tracking chip, Hernandez was warned in a letter that there would “be consequences.” Following through on its threats, the district sent Hernandez a letter informing her she would expelled effective Nov. 26.

“The forces behind this are very strong so people need to get ready for it,” Whitehead said. “We are moving into a time where we are going to be in an electronic concentration camp wherever we go.”

It is particularly despicable how they use state funding as a way to push these programs on struggling school districts.  With all of the economic problems we face as a nation, am I the only one that finds it highly disturbing that so much money is being allocated to surveillance?  This isn’t a way to improve a nation’s economy; rather, it represents a very conscious and concerted effort to control the population after systemic collapse.

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  1. They are terrified of their own people, they know what they have done over many generations, to their own people and know that at some point there will be consequences. Our veneer of civilisation is thin, very thin, it won’t take much to destroy it, especially the way things are going with a combination of catastrophic natural events and a collapsing economy. This means that the Police, Security and Intelligence services along with the military, become very important to the ruling elite, to whom these services owe their loyalty and it is through these forces of ‘Law & Order’ that they seek to control ‘Das Volk’ the people, as they are aware that if the people get out of hand as happened in the UK in August 2011, there is little that they can do to control it!

  2. i straight up agree with this girl. We are in the last days and this is the mark oft the beast. Now im FU***ng afraid of the high school that i go to here in seattle washington. REVELATION 13: 16-17 we are reaching the point to where we are gonna be slaves, and people need to wake up and see what is ahead! school and education is important but schools are filled with brainwashed puppets! WAKE THE FU** UP!!!

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