Army, Navy Suicides at Record High

We are now averaging more than one suicide per day for active duty military.  This is a topic I have covered before, most recently in my post Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray Coming to Keep Troops From Killing Themselves.  This is an absolute national disgrace.

From USA Today:

With six weeks left in the year, the Army and Navy are already reporting record numbers of suicides, with the Air Force and Marine Corps close to doing the same, making 2012 the worst year for military suicides since careful tracking began in 2001.

The deaths are now occurring at a rate faster than one per day.

When Army suicides among those on active duty and demobilized status are combined, the number exceeds the 207 soldiers who have died so far this year in Afghanistan, a difference further skewed because some of those combat zone deaths were also suicides.

We are living in a sick society that is getting sicker and sicker each day.  We must turn this around and the only way to do so is to get the facts to people and shake them out of their apathy.

Full article here.

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  1. The trauma that comes as a result of military and active service, never goes, there are good days and bad days, but it is always there destroying relationships and marriages, and ultimately has negative effects not just on the former serviceman/woman, but on their children as well as the community in which they live! I know this from my own personal experience, and I consider myself one of fortunate, I now have expert help, helping me understand what happened!

  2. If the kids knew this and tons of other information BEFORE they enlist to serve the banksters and corporate criminals they would think twice about it.

  3. Violence rarely achieves anything but always has a negative effect on the perpertrator. Wars are extraordinarily violent.
    America is a very militaristic society – how many wars has the USA been involved in? . Why?. What did they achieve?
    Blame yourselves.

  4. People were not designed by God to kill other people, that’s why their is so much internal conflict after one has killed for the 1st.time.

  5. When your nation morfs into a socialist-totalitarian police state and the people completely embrace that state, its President and his Administration, then the troops lose heart and kill themselves. How could it be otherwise? Roman soldiers did precisely the same thing when Rome became impossibly corrupt like Washington DC has become today.

  6. So sad. And so frustrating, when I visit the US, to see so many still have their yellow ribbon bumper stickers.

    If you want to support the troops, speak out against US war-mongering and bring the troops home!!!

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