SWAT Team with Assault Rifles Descends on Colorado Town to Evict Woman from Home

This video is mind-boggling and really puts into perspective the extent of our descent into third world/police state status.  After being denied a 60 day extension from U.S. Bank regarding her eviction, Sarah Donahue of Idaho Springs, Colorado and members of local activists groups engaged in a non-violent demonstration outside of her home.  They were met by a SWAT team heavily armed with assault rifles.  As you watch this video you have to ask yourself; does this look more like the America we used to live in or more like a war-torn city in Afghanistan?  By the way, where is John Corzine?


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  1. This is absolutely insane. I love how the one cop says he is just doing his job. Following orders was proven illegal at Nuremberg, so how these scumbags still claim it is beyond me. Welcome to Amerika, Land of the coward and home of the slave.

  2. Okay Mitt, do your thing. Raise her taxes and cut your’s!!!

  3. This is what happens when you put capital before people! You put the power into the hands of the ‘banksters’!

  4. the thing the police and other law enforcement need to realize is that their employer is bankrupt. It is only a matter of time before we all need a big family discussion about how we move forward. When the police are begging to be paid, begging to get some fraction of their pension, their employer, the taxpayer, is going to react very emotionally because of this kind of behavior. And they will get nothing. Do the math.

  5. first they scare future protesters with videos like this,
    next they come bulldoze the houses with their occupants

  6. Mortgages are the worst kind of rip off. The banks are given the money by the Federal Reserve to “lend” to you. You can pay confiscatory interest rates for years (the interest is all front loaded on the loan) while you maintain the property and pay the taxes. Then if hard times fall upon you and you can not pay for a couple of months (or are told not to pay so you can qualify for a modification that TPTB have no intention on giving you), here comes the SWAT team to throw you out on your ass. The bank then gets more money given to it by the FED whereby it “lends” the money to another victim.

  7. James Decomes , show your complete idiocy fool. It was US Bank forcing her out. A ploy from Obama thug style justice. Get a brain or sit down and shut up.

  8. Don’t use a bank. Freedom isn’t convenient. I kept wishing for a rock to roll down the hill and smash those fascist pigs.

  9. Where is bummer? Oh yeah, out ampaigning in a ‘pretend’ election. Why do I say that? B/C he was not elected in ’08, he was appointed, just like Dubya was in 2000 and “04. In ’08, McCain was saddled with the profound embarrassment of Sarah Palin which made him a designated loser right up front. i do not know the last time (if ever) there was an actual election but ever since 2000m it has been that the Puppet-In-Chief has been appointed by 9 psychopaths masquerading as human beings on the Supreme court.

  10. dude there are old movies from the depression about this same acctivity with the “coppers” armed with tommy guns up against poor old hillbillies with mussle loaders ‘the more things change the more the stay the same” hell im prety shure the “I’m just doing my job” line is in there at some point as well.

  11. Need a mortgage, call:

    Sara K Donahue & Assoc
    9598 Chicago Creek Rd
    Idaho Springs, CO 80452
    Phone : (303) 567-4083

    Wake up you morons. Ms. Donahue’s firm was the original lender for the mortgage on her house. You think she didn’t understand the deal?? If you don’t pay, you can’t stay.

  12. “does this look more like the America we used to live in or more like a war-torn city in Afghanistan?”
    Was total B.S. No one got beaten , No suicide bombers moved in and blew themselves up to hit the police and the protesters just to make a point. The protesters were removed rather gently I might add, and most likely released immediately.

  13. What happens when the public begins to realize that;

    1. Federal, State, and Municipal employees have higher average wages than the non-government tax payers who employ them.

    2. Federal, State and Municipal employees do not get their homes foreclosed upon by Banks.

    3. A disproportionate number of Federal State and Municipal employees have purchased foreclosed homes and are now land lords.

    4. Federal State and Municipal pension plans exceed those of the Private Sector. And increasingly exceed the salaries of full time workers.

    Federal Government and DHS policies and economics are polarizing America between Government haves who are armed and the Non-Government have-nots who the government wants disarmed.

    Is this any different than the state of affairs prior to the Declaration of Independence?

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