Guest Post: A Cyber-False Flag?

A friend of mine wrote the following on Friday and has given me permission to post it.  I have been warning for years that the elites want to censor the internet as it is humanity’s most powerful tool; a place where free thought still thrives.  A “cyber-false flag” could be an effective way to escalate tensions with Iran (or whoever else they care to demonize at the moment) and at the same time crack down on the internet, in order to quell the awakening occurring within the population in the wake of the elite’s egregious economic and other crimes.

The most pathetic thing is on Friday I read this headline: “JAIME DIMON SAYS IRAN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SOME BANK CYBER ATTACKS”

My response on twitter was: “Bailing out banks wasn’t enough. Now we need to start WW3 for them.”

Anyway, without further ado, here is my friend’s write-up.

In Liberty,

A False Flag Cyber Attack

“It’s just a matter of time before we have a cyber Pearl Harbor.”
–  Jamie Gorelick, Deputy AG to the Senate, July 1996.

Notice all these “cyber attack” headlines in the news at an increasing frequency lately? They’re usually tying it to Iran of course. They are there for a reason. Our government is building the narrative…“planting the seeds” so to speak in the mind of the public. Remember folks, these are the same people that lied about the nature of the Libyan attacks, conducted the Fast & Furious false flag attempt and then lied about it when it went horribly wrong, and constructed the absolutely comical “plot” supposedly between Iranian Quds Forces agents and hit men from the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas to assassinate a Saudi prince (these are only recent examples on an obviously nearly endless list).

What do we know? Let’s make a list of what I think we can all more or less agree on:

  1. Our government lies to the American public on a daily basis. The mainstream media by and large are complicit pawns of the State.
  2. The “democratization of information” is working against their lies. Just look at disapproval ratings of both government and mainstream media. Recall the Nazi propaganda master Goebbels’ famous quote ”the truth is the greatest enemy of the state”.
  3. Our government wants to take over and clamp down control over the internet, because it’s too efficient at holding them accountable. We’ve seen multiple failed attempts to pass legislation this year to attempting to achieve this, all marketed under different names (CISPA, SOPA, PIPA, etc) and now Defense Sec. Leon Panetta is proposing the idea yet again of the government “partnering” with business to “protect us” (fascism anyone?).
  4. Our economy is currently floundering on the verge of, or quite possibly in, recession.
  5. Our Federal Reserve is “all in” with their recent QE “forever” announcement a month ago. Not only that, but they are running out of things to buy as they soak up the majority of long dated US debt and the mortgage backed security market. Their printing press  soaking up all of these assets is actually now causing very detrimental distortions as Gresham’s Law takes effect and the Fed begins to dominate one financial market after another.
  6. Our Federal Reserve’s policy of “print and pray” is becoming increasingly impotent. Not only is it difficult to find incremental psychological leverage beyond “forever”, but the “positive” psychological effects of “QE cures all” has run its course. Everyone gets the joke.
  7. Despite diminishing psychological effects from the Fed’s policies, we are however continuing to see monetary policy cause increasing unintended physiological damage to the markets and economy. Look no further than the two bank earnings reports today from JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. You think the Fed intended QE to eventually kill the net interest margins of their very own primary dealers?
  8. If the Fed panics, we could see a “quick sand” situation where the harder they fight, the deeper they sink. The curtain has been pulled back on the Great Oz. I think I heard a child just yell “The Emperor Is Naked!”.
  9. A crisis is a very efficient and productive tool for governments to enact and conduct various measures that they otherwise normally wouldn’t get away with
  10. Our government bangs the war drums louder and louder by the day about an imminent cyber attack. Yesterday Jamie Dimon discussed it at the Council on Foreign Relations. Last night Leon Panetta discussed it.
  11. Our government and Israel want to go to war with Iran…they just need a good reason
  12. Historically war is a very common outcome from major currency/debt crises, whether as a way to wipe out the debt or to distract the populace from the domestic crisis
  13. “The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” Ernest Hemingway

My thoughts on how this could play out? When this floundering central bank experiment gone mad comes to its inevitable demise, which may be closer than many think (note the ECB’s comment Wednesday “THERE’S NO MONETARY SOLUTION TO DEBT CRISIS” as well as the languishing price action in stocks since the QE3 “infinity”), and when the market no longer reacts to the Fed’s intravenous drip of monetary morphine…never mind the impending fiscal cliff, on top of the economic recession and corporate earnings contractions currently underway…the house of cards will fall back to economic reality. We will see what happens when the “tail wags the dog” in a fragile market structure dominated by HFT algo drones making mirage markets when all these ETF inflows try to unwind at once (it’s fair to say that people have moved out of mutual funds and into ETFs for an easy speedy exit), especially those junk bond ETFs. Maybe we’ll see a flash crash and they’ll call it a “cyber attack”, or maybe they’ll engineer a false flag cyber attack and use it as the reason for the crash and a reason to enact bank holidays. Who knows, maybe even postpone the election. Why not? They’ll most definitely blame it on Iran and use it as an excuse to go to war with them finally, which we all know they’re angling for. They’ll also use it as an excuse to clamp down on informational internet freedom once and for all…for our “protection” of course…with an internet version of the Patriot Act (see CISPA, SOPA, PIPA). What better way to build public consensus for war than by blaming the destruction of everyone’s wealth on a “rogue country”, while simultaneously distracting their attention from the central bank’s disaster and epic policy failure? Multiple birds, one stone. Blame Iran, shut down the internet, the Fed’s lab experiment maintains credibility (“it wasn’t us!”), and now we have an excuse to bomb Iran. Who knows, maybe it will usher in WW3 given the strong economic and diplomatic ties between China, Russia and Iran… which coincidentally happen to the countries that are most aggressively diversifying out of the US Dollar and happen to be the countries that our government lists as the biggest cyber attack threats to the US. The foundation for this narrative is being built right before our eyes… A cyber attack would be the perfect tool because we’d just have to take the government’s word for it. The perpetrator would be a nameless, faceless entity existing somewhere out in cyberspace. Don’t believe that our government will go to such great lengths to lie and cover their butt so as to perpetrate a cyber attack to accomplish multiple agendas simultaneously? Go check out Fast & Furious, the blatant lies and cover up of the true nature of the Benghazi attacks, and the Iranian Quds-Zeta Saudi Prince assassination plot. PROBLEM. CRISIS. SOLUTION. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”


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  1. JAIME DIMON doesn’t know the first thing about cyber attacks. JPM is an insolvent bank. It needs to be in bankruptcy court along with the other TBTF’s.

    While that’s happening the FASB, SEC, FBI, FDA, USDA, AMA, ADA, Congress and other incompetent criminal agencies needs to be shut down as complicit in the conspiracy to defraud the good people of the USA.

  2. Another excellent commentary. Would you care to share this writer’s name and/or blog page to add to my growing list of realists and liberty seekers?

    I have often speculated that groups like Anonymous were really undercover government scapegoats to unleash such attacks.

    If this happens and email, Internet and other such open forms of communication have been shut down, we all can still use smoke signals to stay in touch.

  3. I don’t see the problem with this.

  4. Citing false quotes from Goebbels undermine everything you said..Try the truth, unlike Joe Clubfoot!

  5. In an address given in September 1934 in Nuremberg, Goebbels
    said: “Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run.”

    In an article written in 1941, he cited examples of false British wartime claims, and went on to charge that British propagandists had adopted the “big lie” technique that Hitler had identified and condemned in his book Mein Kampf. Goebbels wrote: “The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

  6. Superb article.
    But Mike omitted the bigest false flag “Pearl Harbor” since Pearl Harbor: 2001, a State Oddity. (A strange thing happened on Sep. 11.)

  7. Are the overlords of fear looking past this quaint nugget? This appears to be right in their wheelhouse. “…to attend Southeast Missouri State University, where he was studying cyber security.”

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