Here We Go…Slate Magazine Bashes the First Amendment

This article is so heinous I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading. Better yet, the author, Eric Posner, is a Professor at the University of Chicago Law School. So let me get this straight, a guy who is teaching law to our future lawyers is arguing against The First Amendment of the Constitution, which is the single most important document in U.S. history upon which all laws are supposed to be written!

Wow. This guy isn’t just saying people should be cautious about what they say, he seems to really have a deep dislike for free speech.  Here is the winning line in his absurd piece:

Even other Western nations take a more circumspect position on freedom of expression than we do, realizing that often free speech must yield to other values and the need for order.

Really Eric?  Who’s values?  What values are you referring to specifically?  Did you come up with them?  What if we end up with a President that decides different values down the road?

The need for order??

What kind of Nazi language is this Mr. Posner?  Feels great to know you are teaching law.  Either you are a complete imbecile or you are coming from a sinister place.  I go with the latter.

Spread this far and wide folks.

Full article here.

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Michael Krieger

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  1. Hey, it’s a “living document.” Gotta adapt to the times. Humans are far advanced from the time of the Founders.

    Take this lawyer for example.

    As a sociopath he is teaching sociopathology to present or future sociopaths at a sociopathic university in a sociopathic city in a sociopathic state filled with sociopaths who vote for sociopaths much like all the other sociopaths in all the other sociopathic states. And so in a republic gone to a democracy, the sociopaths have made it possible to elect idiots to pass the idiotic laws that demonstrate sociopathology.

    Everything is as it should be. Yield your values for the need for Order, you know. We’ve come a long ways.

  2. This would be an ideal time to forbid the teaching or even discussion of socialism. That poison has harmed us more than anything else.

  3. Are they freakin’ kidding over there or what? Did they get their calendar all mixed up, and they thought that it was April Fool’s Day? Don’t they realize that THEY are exercising their freedom of speech and freedom of the press EVERY SINGLE DAY over there?!?! This is the typical mental disconnect/illness of the libtard crowd, they cannot see their hypocrisy even when it is staring them straight in their face!
    Talk about someone not being able to think in a straight line even to just the end of their very own nose!! Is Salon going to be the first to relinquish their right to say and print the truth, or does everyone else have to do it first?? Or do they plan on keeping their First Am rights when all others have none?
    This is akin to the pictures I have seen of Muslim protesters with their signs denouncing free speech, saying that it can go to Hell! How can anybody be so damn STUPID to not see that they are using their right to free speech to call an end to it?? How about if we say to them, “OK, you go first and shut the eff up right now about free speech, because you don’t have any right to say that I should not have the right to free speech!” Can any of them figure that out, or are they all just a bunch of brain dead zombies?


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