Video Blog #2: What to Expect from the Fed Tomorrow

Since nothing else moves the markets these days besides the utterances of insane Central Planners armed with printing presses, I figured it would be a good idea to preview tomorrow’s Fed decision.  I find the setup particularly interesting since the consensus seems to be expecting QE3 and I do not.  Have a watch!


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  1. Love the vblogs blitzKrieger. Short and sweet. I wanna leave you this link because I think you are one of the few out there I follow who I sense genuinely rethinks his schematic framework. The beginning of intellectual integrity is to know we could be wrong about everything, that all of our presumptions about the world could be wrong.

    With that in mind:

    There is a problem with the controlled demolition theory. Something is missing. Two hundred thousand tons of structural steel are missing.

    Red pill required:

    “Where Did the Towers Go?”


    • Didn’t the structural steel go to China for recycling in the first couple of weeks. It certainly wasn’t kept for rinvestigation

    • There is zero evidence that steel went to China or India.

      The buildings were disintegrated with weaponized free energy.

      No shit.

  2. The Krieg is looking too calm. The rainy weather must be agreeing with you.

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